Tent Tent Hooray

By: Alex Skrocki

Here at Party Time Rentals we have a variety of tent styles to choose from. Our two most popular tent styles are our Structured and Festival Tents.

The Structured Tent is designed for any type of event due to their durable and sleek design. This is simply because, the tent top slides through the aluminum framing to ensure a tight fit. Additionally, these tents can handle more weight, allowing for the option to hang accessories such as lights, lights, audio/video equipment, and decor elements. 

The Festival Tent pulls your focus up with its high, swooping peaks and tight white fabric. The most unique feature of this tent is that the center polls are suspended in the air with cables, allowing for there to be no center pole. These tents are popularly used for parties, concerts, and corporate activities. 

In terms of tent sizes, we have tents as small as 20’x20’ and as large as 60’x120’. To keep it somewhat simple for your reference, our base widths 20’, 30’, 40’, and 60’ and our lengths go up roughly in increments of 10’ or 20’. The capacity of your tent determines solely on the desired usage. For example our 30’x60’ tent sits 180 people “sit down dinner style.” However, if you wanted to add an appropriate sized dance floor, four cocktail tables, and a DJ area, you would need to get a 40’x80’ tent. Which for your reference, sits 320 people “sit down dinner style.”

If this all still seems a little confusing, here at Party Time Rentals we have welcoming and knowledgeable Event Consultants ready to help you with all your Tent Rental needs!

By: Alex Skrocki