Sweet Spring & Summertime Linen – Lorena

By: Brandie Guice

Party Time Rentals is notorious for their excellent quality and beautiful linens. Our vast inventory includes linens with a wide variety of colors, patterns, and textures. One of my personal favorite linens that we offer at Party Time Rentals is the Lorena linen. It is one of our elegance linens and is popular for colorful events.

This stunning linen comes in a 90 x 156” size, which is floor length for an 8” rectangular table. Additionally, the Lorena linen comes in napkin size as well, for customers that prefer only a small touch of floral accents. 

Although this linen may not match every type of event, it is perfect for tea parties, birthday parties, and even colorful weddings. Last week I assisted a customer who was planning a tea party themed bridal shower and she instantly fell in love with the Lorena linen after seeing it in the showroom. She knew right away that it would be perfect for the bride and would add a whimsical touch to the tea party. 

The vibrant floral mix adds a pop of color and is perfect for converting any room into an elegant event space. I have seen customers select their napkin colors based on the warm and cool colors of the floral. These colors invoke feelings of calmness and tranquility. Customers will either place it on every single table at an event, or will sometimes use it on one specific table to designate it as the cake table or sign in table. If you love vibrant colors, this is the linen for you!