Aggi Martinez

Aggie Martinez

North Warehouse Manager

What do you do at Premiere?

I am the North Store Warehouse Manager. I’m in charge of getting the orders ready for customers to pick up, and counting in all of the returns to make sure we get all of our items back. I like to keep up with the inventory so we know what we are missing.

When did you start working in the events industry?

I was working at McDonald’s as a store manager for 12 years. I took a year off and never went back. Instead I started working at Premiere back in November 2011.

What was your favorite Premiere event to date?

My favorite Premiere party is the company holiday party in December because we get together and see everyone from all of the locations and warehouses!

What three things could you not live without?

My phone, tacos, and my two dogs

What is your favorite local Austin restaurant or food truck, and what do you order there?

Torchy’s Tacos – I order baja shrimp