Hannah Balagia

Hannah Balagia

Event Rental Consultant

What do you do at Premiere?

I am an Event Rental Consultant! I handle rental orders and assist customers with their choosing their rentals! 

When did you start working in the events industry?

I started in 2020, I was an intern at a wedding venue and fell in love with events and everything that went into them! From there I’ve had other internship experiences and knew that this was the industry for me! After graduating Texas State this past spring I was given the opportunity to work at Premiere and I have loved it ever since! 

What three things could you not live without?

My friends, family and my dog!

What is your favorite local Austin restaurant or food truck, and what do you order there?

Koriente! I always get the Teriyaki Chicken bowl!

Your #1 recommendation for planning a wedding or event?

It is never a bad idea to start EARLY!