Janira Villegas Perez

Senior Event Rental Consultant


What do you do at Premiere?

I am a Senior Event Rental Consultant.

When did you start working in the events industry?

I started in 2004, with Premiere Tents and Events.

What was your favorite Premiere event to date?

The large Austin Children’s Shelter Gala during the fall/winter, those were always such beautiful events, it was a process from the planning to actually executing the event and having the opportunity to be on site and oversee everything! And it was also for a great cause, anything that involves helping children!

What three things could you not live without?

I cannot live without my children, my TV, oh and my husband! Can I add a couple more? Music and green chicken enchiladas!

What is your favorite local Austin restaurant or food truck, and what do you order there?

My favorite is Polvos, Green Chicken Enchiladas!

Your #1 recommendation for planning a wedding or event?

Put a budget together! And then have a venue in mind or a place where you want to have your wedding.