Amanda Emmons, CERP

Event Rental Consultant, Retail Team Leader

Premiere Headshots

Where are you from?
I am originally from the east coast and have lived in 5 different states, but have lived in Austin going on 13 years now.

Did you attend college? If so, where?
I graduated from Texas State University (Eat ‘Em Up Cats!) with my Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations.

How long have you been in the events industry?
I’ve been in the event industry for about 3.5 years now! I started my first internship at Camp Lucy in the beginning of 2013, which lead to other internships, which led to jobs. I’ve worked at a few different venues

Three interesting facts about yourself?

I have a twin sister! I also have an older sister, who has been a huge role model to me growing up, and my awesome mom and dad. I’m a huge family person and love hanging out with all of them. We all live in different areas of Austin, so it’s nice that we get to see each other pretty often.

I play soccer about four-five times a week (or as much I can). I have been playing since I was 5 years old and am still in love with playing the game! I love the teamwork and competitiveness it brings out in me.

I have two dogs that are the loves of my life. I have a German Shepherd named Willow and a Husky named Meeko. They love to go on runs with me, go hiking, and go swimming. I am super obsessed with them and if I could bring them everywhere with me, I would.

What is your job title and description?
I am an Event Rental Consultant. I help all walk-ins and social clients with all of their event rental needs. Whether it is brides-to- be, caterers, venue managers, or people throwing their children/spouse/friend a party, we are here to help!

What is your favorite thing about the events industry?
I love seeing the entire event come together. When planning events, things can get stressful and chaotic when trying to make everything perfect and run smoothly. Seeing clients choosing their different tabletop décor, chairs, food, cake, etc. is so fun for me. Everyone has such a unique style that they’re envisioning and it’s very rewarding and fun to see it all come together in the end!