Delores Crum, CERP

President & Chief Inspirational Officer

Premiere Headshots

Together with her family, Delores Crum owns and operates the Premiere Events and Premiere Events family of companies, providing full-service rental and related support to Event Professionals and individual event holders in and around Austin. Her role within Premiere and Premiere Events is to give overall leadership, chart the organization’s course and set the company’s general direction. She describes herself as the “glue” that holds the Premiere and Premiere Events operations together.

Delores is involved with and supportive of the Austin and Central Texas Events Community. She has served as the ISES-Austin president and has held 5 different roles on the NACE-Austin Board. Delores is a past President of the Texas Rental Association, and currently serves on the TRA Executive Committee and as a Director at Large of that Organization. Nationally, Delores is a Foundation Trustee for the American Rental Association, and is a part of the committee that annually awards ARA Scholarships to deserving students studying in rental-and-business related fields.  She has received numerous rewards and recognition for her outstanding contributions to the rental and events industry, and has earned the respect of her peers and regard of her competitors through her competent leadership and generosity of spirit.

Delores and her husband, Richard, live just across the Hays County line. They manage their 50-acre estate for the benefit of indigenous wildlife, including white-tailed deer, red fox, small mammals and an abundance of song birds. Delores and Richard enjoy sitting outdoors in the evening watching the hummingbirds gather around the feeder, listening to the mourning doves cooing and waiting to the resident owl to begin his nightly query. Delores says the peace and quiet of close in country living serves as a welcome balance to the her always active, sometimes trying Premiere Events days.