Delivery FAQ

Premiere Events offers delivery services within a 150-mile radius of Austin & within a 100-mile radius of College Station.

Our starting delivery fees are shown on our Labor & Delivery Fee Schedule on the Resources Page.

Please note that to qualify for delivery, an order subtotal minimum requirement must be met. If that minimum is met and our schedule allows, delivery fees will be applied to the order. The subtotal minimum order requirement delivery fees and subtotal minimum requirements increase the further you are from our headquarters.

There are, however, many cases in which the delivery fees are higher depending on delivery and pick-up timing requirements, size of the order, and labor intensity. Please contact us to determine a more accurate delivery fee quote.


  1. If Premiere Events must wait in excess of 15 minutes at a delivery or pickup site
  2. If Premiere Events is asked to relocate items that were already installed, or return to relocate items that were already installed.
  3. If an order must be carried up more than 3 stairs, or a distance longer than 50 feet from where our trucks can safely park.
  4. If we are asked to deliver to a floor other than the 1st, and/or use a shared, small, or difficult-to-access elevator.

Our base delivery fees are for a Standard Open Delivery and Pickup Window during Premiere’s delivery day. More information on this is shown on our Labor & Delivery Fee Schedule on the Resources Page.

We can accommodate narrowed windows for additional fees as outlined below:
● A 3-hour delivery or pick up window is 1.5x the base delivery fee
● A 2-hour delivery or pick up window is 2x the base delivery fee
● A 1-hour delivery or pick up window is 2.5x the base delivery fee

If you need a narrow window for both delivery AND pick up, or services before or after Premiere’s standard delivery hours, or on Sundays, additional charges will apply. Please contact your Premiere Event Consultant for a detailed quote.

One day prior to the scheduled delivery, renter will receive an emailed copy of their rental order. Renter will be asked to verify all details of the rental order and to confirm that the date, time, rental items, and all other delivery-related information, if any, is correct. Renter will be advised to contact their Premiere Event Rental Consultant for questions or issues regarding their rental order. The Delivery Notification will also include the Delivery Team Leader’s name and contact information.

Renter may, on the delivery day, contact their driver directly regarding delivery questions or issues.

Delivery is TO THE DOOR.

Additional charges will apply for stairs, steep embankments, or other hazardous/ difficult delivery conditions. Failure on the renter’s part to disclose such conditions shall result in post-rental charges. Lastly, many public facilities (event venues, hotels, etc.) require that rental items be removed from the property at the conclusion of the event. Premiere provides late-night rental pickup at after-hour rates, subject to availability, but it must be contracted well in advance.

Delivery does not include set up and take down; however, items must be delivered in order to be set up and taken down by Premiere. Standard delivery rates will apply.

Please review our Labor & Delivery Fee Schedule linked on our Forms & Services page here for current rates.

Some Premiere rental items needed to help execute large or complex events are labor-intensive to install and cumbersome to transport. For those reasons, the following Premiere rental items are subject to a taxable 20% Production Fee: Tents, Tent Accessories, Dance Floors, Sub Floors, Stages, and Carpet / Turf.

Your Event Rental Consultant can provide information you might need or answer any questions you might have.

Additional charges will apply if Premiere Events Staff are asked to relocate items that are installed per on-site representative instructions or CAD diagrams. Your Premiere Events Rental Consultant is happy to discuss Set Up Charges and Arrangements.

We always do our best to be available for deliveries, but during our peak busy seasons, or when there are many large events going on, we do have to close out certain dates for new deliveries or pickups. We often still have the inventory available, but not the crew available to deliver/pick up. We do not guarantee availability of delivery/pickup until you have a confirmed order with us that is paid with either a deposit or payment in full and a signed contract.

Additionally, once we have a closed-out date, we may not be able to add major items (ex: tents, large stages or dance floors, lots of furniture, etc.). to existing orders, but each request is considered on a case-by-case basis dependent on our overall scope of orders for that date.

Unfortunately, this process is fairly unpredictable and quite complicated. Typically, we cannot provide a heads-up that we will be closed out for a certain date in advance, as we do not know until it happens. Once a date is closed out it is very rare that it opens back up, or that we will be able to add any new orders for that date as a special exception.

Sometimes we close out a date a month or two in advance, sometimes the week of, and even the day prior. So you may be in the middle of putting together a quote for your event, and at that time we have availability, but by the time you’re ready to place your order, we could be closed out for new deliveries.

For this reason, we recommend booking sooner rather than later to help ensure that we reserve a delivery slot for you, even if you need to adjust your rental items throughout the process up until your final date allowed for changes per your contract.

For your reference: Fridays, Saturdays, and Mondays are typically the first dates to get closed out for deliveries and pickups. We are particularly prone to closed-out dates in the months of March, April, May, September, October, November, and December, as well as around major holidays, but they can happen at any point.

Sometimes we close out a date a month or two in advance, sometimes the week of, and even the day prior. We apologize for the inconvenience and unpredictable nature of this process. If you find yourself in this situation you typically have two options:

1. Arrange for a delivery service to handle the transportation for you.
2. Arrange to pick up and return your rentals on your own (furniture, stages, tents, large rental pieces, and any non-folding chairs or tables are not available for this option to maintain the integrity of our rental inventory).

We’re happy to make referrals in these cases for other rental companies who may be able to assist you! Please ask your Event Rental Consultant for any further assistance.