Fannin Oaks Open House (Party Time Rentals + Green Teams)

By: Amy Kujawa

On Sunday March 8th we were asked to participate in an Open House at the newly renovated Fannin Oaks wedding and event venue in Madisonville, Texas. From the Party Time Rentals Showroom in South College Station, it is about a 40 minute drive.

Fannin Oaks has recently been remodeled and is such a beautiful blank space. When you walk in, you immediately take note of how giant the room is. This is definitely a venue that can accommodate a “small town wedding”… which ironically and quite literally means a giant wedding where you invite the entire town. 

The room is lined in windows that look out over the Texas Hill Country. The walls are stark white with accents of stained wood to frame the windows and the ceiling beams. A beautiful black chandelier is perched in the center of the room.

Along with Green Teams, we were asked to be the featured rental and floral companies for the mock head table. My favorite thing about Open Houses is that they allow us the opportunity to explore different designs. For this particular event we went with a modern-whimsical-boho look. Mixing textures is my favorite… and quite frankly I would consider it my specialty! I love stepping out of the box and trying new things.

The first thing you will notice about the table is the gorgeous statement floral arrangement by Suzy Ghallager at Green Teams. Suzy is always excited to try new designs and anytime I send her a mood board of a crazy idea she never turns me down! This tall black floral stand brought out the black in the black capri flatware. The arrangement appears to be “floating” by being held up between two boards and LOADED with fun flowers and pampas grass. The goal was to add height to the head table as well as breaking up the GORGEOUS white shiplap wall that greets you immediately when you walk into the venue.

For the tabletop- our gorgeous rose velvet was a showstopper. Party Time’s velvet linens are everyone’s favorite and we frequently get complimented on the quality of them… they are very heavy too! When setting the tables you have to be careful to make sure the grain of the velvet is facing the same direction on each linen or else it will look like two different tablecloths!

For plates I really wanted to layer fun glass designs to mirror in the twists and turns of our sister store, Premiere Select’s, reef acrylic chair. This chair is a fun alternative to the standard round back ghost clear acrylic chair if you’re wanting a modern and unique place to sit. I’ve never paired a clear glass charger with a clear glass plate. Pictured here is our oasis glass charger and ocean breeze I wanted to challenge myself to step out of my comfort zone! Our clear glass carousel goblet went perfectly with the charger and dinner plate. Our carousel goblets are a current 2020 take on a cut crystal glassware. For the salad plate we paired our Tara plate which has a floral border and a small golden ring. The flowers on our Tara plate incorporate almost all colors so it can go with whatever color palette you choose! To add a pop and bring a wow factor, we pulled the bright turquoise out into our hemstitch napkin. Paired with our black capri– this setting was a hit!

I also had the opportunity to meet with lots of prospective couples and mingle with other fellow members in the Bridal Association. Broadway Bridal (sparklers & fireworks), Buppy’s Catering, and San Angel Photography to name a few!

Thank you Suzette and Liz for having us out! 

Photos are courtesy of Katelyn Mizell (fka Southern Charm Photography)

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