Gin at Hidalgo Falls Open House

By: Lindalee Gonzalez

The Gin at Hidalgo Falls is an exemplary venue for any seasonal wedding and is perfect for
those who seek an industrial and modern rustic look for their event. In March of 2021, Party Time Rentals along with other businesses participated in the open house at The Gin. Despite of COVID-19 conditions still present, there was a good turnout.

(Left- Lindalee Gonzalez, Right- Brandie Guice)

Safety was taken into consideration. Each vendor was separated six feet apart, and masks were a requirement to enter. There was also security patrolling around the venue and parking areas. Everyone seemed to be having a great time and comfortable with the way The Gin coordinated the open house.

Even though The Gin is surrounded by fields of farmland that create a country type ambiance, the inside is quite modern. The brick has added a new look, and the large wall windows have allowed for natural sunlight to illuminate the inside. Many photographers present said they, “would kill for this natural lighting (Eugene Drake,”

The Drakes

Overall, the open house was a success. I would recommend all couples to attend all venue open houses in order to gain information about the venue and other vendors surrounding the area the couple may find useful for completion of their wedding needs.

Open houses are a wonderful experience for the venue, vendors, and couples attending. The venue gains new couples who may want to reserve a booking, the vendors have opportunities of networking with others and gaining new clientele, and the couples can complete their desired wedding or gain new ideas.

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