A Look at Our Philosophy

Premiere Events is a customer driven business that recognizes the importance of both internal (Team members) and external (customers) stake holders, and seeks to always act in the best interests of both groups.

We contend that Premiere represents the Austin – Central Texas market’s best party and event rental value and endeavor to live up to that claim. Premiere is profit-motivated, people focused, service driven and results oriented. We believe that our success is directly attributable to putting “people” first . . . to building and maintaining positive, mutually beneficial team member and external customer relationships.

The primary tenants of Premiere’s business philosophy are simple. First, each individual member of the Premiere team, and every external customer, is treated with dignity and respect. There is no place in our business model for rude, insulting or disrespectful behavior. Second, we are appreciative of our team members and of our customers. We strive to express that appreciation in a variety of ways, and seek to ensure that neither our Valued Customers or Team Members are ever taken for granted.

We are, to the maximum extent possible and consistent with sound business practice, accommodating to our customers and to members of the Premiere team. We are flexible, within the limits of established policy and procedure (designed to ensure fair and equitable treatment), when team members or customers have problems, issues or unforeseen circumstances. Our customers understand and appreciate that Premiere will go the extra mile for them. That “extra mile” may involve purchasing special inventory, dealing with difficult delivery requirements or set up parameters, locating and recommending external resources to satisfy unusual requests or meet specific needs. Regardless of the challenge, Premiere is committed to finding solutions that help our external customers successfully execute their events. We strive for consistent, dependable and reliable performance and zealously guard our reputation within the community and the industry. Excellence is our standard, for individual and company performance.

TRUST is a vital component of all human relationships. Loyal customers stay “true” because their Trust and been earned and maintained over time. Loyal customers believe that a business and its owners, managers and employees will DO THE RIGHT THING on their behalf. Loyal Customers have trust and confidence that a business will do what it says it will do, honor its commitments and stand by its promises. Premiere is grateful to its loyal customers and thankful for their Trust in us.

Finally, customers will bring their business to and keep their business with the company and the people who CARE about them. Remember . . . “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care”. It is not enough to say “we care about the customer”. No business would say otherwise. But concern must be demonstrated, not just talked about. The customer’s problems are our problems, and solving the customer’s problems is an important way to show that we are Caring Professionals.

Premiere Events is a well-respected and contributing member of the Special Events Community.

Premiere Events supports the local non-profit community.