Planning Your Event, Made Easy

By: Lindalee Gonzalez

Do you usually find yourself in trouble when it comes to planning an event? Many people struggle with the process of how to make their event come together for their special day. Planning an event takes some expertise no matter how simple or complex the event can be. This blog will take you through the general event planning process that can be applied to any event type. Below are three easy practical steps anyone can follow to get started on their event planning process.


Figure out where you would like to hold your event, and how many people you
plan on inviting. Having this base gives you the general knowledge if you will need to look for a venue that fits your event space needs, or if your indoor home or backyard will do. Some venues include tables and chairs, but others do not. It is important to ask this question when looking for a venue since these simple questions will affect your budget.


Once you have your location and the number of people nailed down, step number two is to figure out the color palette or theme of your event. This is important because it affects the way your guests feel about your event. When planning, you want to think about what the purpose of your event is. Create a “Mood Board” to help you stay on track with the look and feel of what you are going for. This is a great tip that the professionals use! Check out Pinterest, or even the Party Time Instagram or Website for ideas!


After you have your design, step number three is to figure out what décor you may already have, and what else you need in order to complete the look you are trying to achieve! Whether balloons, floral, or rentals like linens, china, and chargers, having a written or electronic list of things you need to buy or rent, makes it easy for you to keep track of your needs.


These are the three basic steps to getting your event planning process in motion. They are easy to follow and are the correct way to get events started. If you would rather leave this process in the hands of a professional, you can always hire an event planner/coordinator to help you through every step.

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