Most wedding experts and event professionals agree that, more than any other single element, linens make the most commanding event statement. Your linens are much more just “tablecloths” – they’re the foundation for your entire wedding reception, corporate event, Gala or party.  No other event component will have as much impact on the event’s appearance and your guests’ experience. The linens you choose will be front and center throughout the entire celebration.

We’re here to help you navigate the table covering and napkin selection process.  Starting the search with a color palette and textural composition that best expresses your event vision, we’ll help find the optimum linen option.  We specialize in unique linens and textiles that range from bold to elegant – opulent to luxurious – timeless to trendy.  There’s comfort in knowing you’re getting exactly what you expect – because you’ve seen it with your own eyes – held it in your hands – seen it on the table (and in your venue – if that’s important to you, it can easily be arranged).

Showing every choice we have or can acquire is a practical impossibility. You’ll have an incredible variety of options. If needed, we can arrange to transport your linen selections to either Premiere Events location.

We also offer a beautiful selection of specialty cake table linens. While beautiful and unique, these may be available only in limited sizes or quantities.

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