Band Shell Tents

Band Shell tents are the same as structure tents with a gabled roof line and the tent top covering only the top of the frame rather than extending down to cover the triangular portion of the roof. They are engineered, kedered-style tents suitable for all events, but especially useful for stage performances as the open space allows for unobstructed views into the tent from the front. The tent top slides through a channel in an extruded aluminum frame, allowing for a tight fit.

Structure tents are much stronger than frame or festival-style tents and can handle more weight for hanging accessories like lights, audio/video equipment, and décor.

 Though structure tents have a higher wind rating, All Tents, including structure tents, should be evacuated in threatening weather (high winds) or dangerous conditions (lightning, etc.).

Clear-top tents require temperatures in excess of 40 degrees F, and cannot be installed, if, at any time during the tent-use cycle, the outside temperature is forecast to be less than forty. Additionally, clear tops are not recommended for temperatures above 85 degrees. Please ask your event consultant for additional clear-top tent guidance.

Band Shell Tent Sizes

20 x 20 White Top
20 x 20 Clear Top
20 x 30 White Top
20 x 30 Clear Top
30 x 15 White Top
30 x 15 Clear Top
30 x 20 White Top
30 x 20 Clear Top
30 x 30 White Top
30 x 30 Clear Top
40 x20 White Top
40 x 20 Clear Top
40 x 40 White Top
40 x 40 Clear Top
50 x 25 White Top