Delores Crum, CERP

President & Chief Culture Officer

With her family, Delores Crum, CERP, owns the Premiere’s wedding and event rental companies . Founded in November, 2000, by Delores and her husband Richard, Premiere has become a leading party and event rental provider. Nationally recognized and frequently honored for its work, Premiere provides full-service rental and related support to Event Professionals and Individual Event Holders. Delores describes her organizational role as providing overall company leadership, helping chart the Premiere course and setting Premiere’s general direction. As President and Chief Culture Officer, Delores is the “glue” that holds the Premiere family together. Read More >

Meet our Premiere Team!

We have an amazing and talented team ready to meet all of your event rental needs. Get to know us a little bit here. We can’t wait to get to know you!

Executive Team

Angela Nussel, CERP

Vice President of Administration

Rick Crum, CERP

Vice President of Operations

Management and Administration

Jennifer Crum

Associate VP of Operations | Linen and Inventory Acquisition Manager

Amanda Benavidez, CERP

Bryan - College Station Store Manager

Amy Kujawa, CERP

Bryan-College Station Showroom Manager | Marketing Director

JC Solorzano

Tent Production Manager & Crew Leader

Melon Esquivel

Warehouse Manager

Aggie Martinez

North Warehouse Manager

Sales & Customer Service Team

Deseree Hierholzer, CERP

North Austin Showroom Manager | Master Event Consultant

Amanda Emmons, CERP

South Austin Showroom Manager | Master Event Consultant

Cherese Bishop

Event Rental Consultant

Jessica Manzione

Event Rental Consultant

Treya Evans

Event Rental Consultant

Lindalee Gonzalez

Event Rental Consultant

Annalise Appleton

Event Rental Consultant

Janira Villegas Perez

Senior Event Rental Consultant

Kelly Green, CERP

Senior Event Rental Consultant & Accounts Manager

Delivery & Customer Service Crew Leaders

Ewell Sheppard

Crew Leader

Shawn Crum

Crew Leader

Miguel Serrano

Crew Leader

Isai Gomez

Crew Leader


Crew Leader


Crew Leader

Alonso Flores

Crew Leader

Diego Fortin

Crew Leader

Anthony Lombardi

Crew Leader

JJ Gonzalez

Crew Leader




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