What is a Tidewater Tent?

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What is a Tidewater Tent?

By: Amy


So what is a Tidewater Tent?

Tidewater Tents are known for their elegant and romantic appearance. Their semi-translucent fabric allows natural light to filter through, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere, particularly when illuminated from the inside.  As opposed to a standard tent, Tidewater Tents have a curved oval-like design and wooden support poles and beams give them a distinctive look. They will have center poles that need to be accounted for in the layout. Especially when planning your dance floor! Like other pole tents, these special tents can not be installed on a hard surface since they must be staked into the ground to secure. No worries though- the middle poles will not have tent straps! The outer poles are what we secure and strap to a stake that gets nailed deep into the ground. Make sure you have your water and gas lines marked prior to our arrival.

When would you use a Tidewater Tent?

A Tidewater Tent is more elegant than a structure or a frame style tent. This would be a great option for weddings, galas, and formal events. A Tidewater Tent has a similar effect that clear top tents do, they warm up the inside very quickly since sunlight can penetrate the fabric tent top. String lights, also known as bistro lighting or festoon lights, are a great way to illuminate this tent.

When would you not use a Tidewater Tent?

Here in Texas, Tidewater Tents are not recommended for Summer use. Also keep in mind there is no internal framework with a tidewater tent meaning you can not hang heavy objects such as suspended floral installations or heavy chandeliers safely.

What sizes of Tidewater Tents does Premiere carry?

44′ x 43′ , 44′ x 63′, 44′ x 83′, 44′ x 103′. We also carry specialty sidewalls should you want to enclose your Tidewater Tent. Check out our reference guide diagrams below!

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Tidewater Tent photo by Map and Compass

44‘ x 43’

44‘ x 63’

44‘ x 83’

44‘ x 103’