2024 Wedding Rental Trends

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2024 Wedding Rental Trends

By: Amy Kujawa

Statement Tent Ceiling Draping

One of the most appealing aspects of tent ceiling draping is its versatility and adaptability to suit any wedding style. Opt for sheer, flowing fabrics in soft hues for a romantic garden wedding, or choose rich, jewel-toned drapes for a luxurious evening affair. Add twinkling festoon lights or chandeliers for a touch of sparkle, or incorporate lush greenery and floral accents for a natural and organic feel.

Custom White Poly Drape - Woodbine Mansion - Rooted Trumpet Photography

Candles. Everywhere.

For couples seeking an alternative to traditional floral arrangements, candles offer a romantic and intimate ambiance that can elevate the atmosphere of a wedding ceremony or reception. The soft, flickering light of candles creates a mesmerizing glow, casting enchanting shadows and adding a touch of warmth to the venue. Whether placed in elegant candelabras, delicate votive holders, or floating in water-filled vessels, candles can be incorporated in various creative ways to suit any wedding theme or style.

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Custom Vinyl Wraps

From customized dance floors featuring the couple’s names and wedding date to graphic vinyl decals matching invitations, adorning bars, stages, pedestals, signage, seating charts, and even wedding favors, the possibilities are endless. With an endless range of colors, fonts, and designs available, couples can unleash their creativity and bring their vision to life with ease.

View Premiere’s customization page click here.

Mirror Stage Facades + White Wooden Star Vinyl Wrapped - Leslie Rodriguez Photography - The Driskell Hotel

White Traditions Bar with Vinyl - Traditions Club, Starlight Affair

Ambient Table Lighting

Placed strategically on guest tables or scattered throughout the venue, table lamps provide a cozy and romantic lighting option that adds warmth and elegance to the décor. With their gentle illumination and decorative appeal, table lamps elevate the guest experience, encouraging conversation and fostering a sense of intimacy that guests will fondly remember long after the celebration has ended.

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