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30x40 Clear Top Structure Tent at Laguna Gloria Four Seasons Lawn

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Nothing says “Wedding” more beautifully, “Gala” more eloquently or “Party” more iconically than a well-appointed tent. Tents anchor some of Austin’s and the Texas Hill Country’s most beautiful, enjoyable and successful events. Premiere offers a wide variety of tent rentals and tent accessories. Perhaps your goal is as straightforward as providing a functional tent to protect your guests from rain and weather. At the other end of the tenting spectrum, you may using a clear top tent, complete with bistro lighting, draping and chandeliers to create a magical event setting. Whatever your goals, tents are a versatile, stylish and often essential event alternative.

Premiere specializes in helping event professionals, non-event professionals with event planning responsibilities and individual event hosts get the tent part of their events right. If you’re looking for something more than a simple 20’ x 20’ backyard tent installation, we recommend starting down the tenting path with a site visit. Conducted by an experienced and certified tenting consultant, the site visit helps determine the tent style and size that best suits the location, meets your objectives and accommodates your guests. Whether the tent is an integral part of the event plan from the “get go” or a “just in case of rain” option, a Premiere tent specialist can explain your tenting choices and help you make the tenting decision that’s best for you.

Visit our event gallery for tent ideas and inspiration. Perhaps you’ll find an image that presents a tent or event you’ve attended or seen before. From Auditorium Shores to Laguna Gloria, Lago Vista to Wild Onion Ranch, Zilker Park to Congress Avenue, Premiere’s experienced tent staff have the “know how” and experience to make a tented event work. Ask your Premiere Event Consultant for tenting and tent decor ideas or for answers to any tenting questions you may have.

Tidewater Tent in Lampasas, TX
Premiere Events
Tidewater Tent

The Tidewater Tent is a pole style tent with a twist.  The ends of this tent are round, not square.  The tops are made of a translucent sail cloth. The poles are powder coated to have a wood style look.  The Tidewater’s center and perimeter poles must always be staked into the ground. We cannot recommend this lovely tent for every wedding and event. Like a clear-top (installed on any traditional tent), the Tidewater has a greenhouse effect that will make you and your guests feel the Texas Heat like a sauna. Great for Spring and Fall, but not so pleasant in a Texas Summer!

Structure Tent
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Structure Tent

Structure tents are engineered, kedered-style tents suitable for weddings, celebrations and all events. The tent top slides through a channel in an extruded aluminum frame, allowing for a tight fit. Structure tents are much stronger than frame or festival style tents and handle more weight for hanging accessories like lights, audio/video equipment, and décor. Structure tents are Premiere Events’s most popular tent style.

Clear Span Structure Tent
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Clear Span Tent

Say “Hello” to the most impressive tent in Premiere’s inventory. Clear Span tents are typically used for larger events with significant space requirements. These tents are engineered to withstand greater wind ratings and can be much wider than the typical frame or lighter structure tents. Only an experienced tenting professional can determine whether or not a Clear Span tent is right for you, your event and your location. Installing this tent takes much longer and is considerably more costly than other Premiere tent styles. The eaves of the tent are 13 feet tall and the center point is 26 feet tall. The tent frame is comprised of extremely heavy beams which can only be raised by a special fork lift (the price of which is added to the basic tent pricing below). The tent components must be anchored with stakes or secured with a concrete ballast system – all of which makes the Clear Span the most expensive tenting alternative. If your guest count is 500 or more, please request an on-site consultation to make absolutely certain a Clear Span is the right tent for you.

20'x20' Festival Tent Rentals
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Festival Tent

Festival Tents feature high, swooping peaks and tensioned fabric that provides a tight, clean look. Festival tent center poles are suspended on cross cables which allow an absence of poles in the tent center. Festival tents are great for parties, concerts, school events and corporate activities.

Clear Top Frame Tents
Premiere Events
Frame Tent

Frame tents are the traditional party tent style. Widths vary from 10’ to 40’ with lengths expanding to fit the event needs and space requirements. There are no center poles in frame-style tents, and the frame is sturdy enough to support light-weight accessories (like lights, fans and décor).

Whiskey Traditions Stage Facade, Ten Draping - Inked Fingers
Inked Fingers
Tent Accessories

Basic tent components – a top, frame and stakes or barrels to secure the tented structure – are certainly all you need, but they’re probably not all you want. To make the most of your tent investment, why not create a favorable impression and make a memorable statement with an “over the top” tented environment. With Premiere’s helpful suggestions and available tent décor options, there’s so much you can do! Creating a knock out tent is fun and affordable. Premiere offers both “off-the-shelf” and customer décor tent options. So help your tent “say” something wonderful. Thrill your guests with a tent that adds to the occasion.

Interested in Customization- script

We would also love the opportunity to customize tent decor uniquely for your event! We done everything from vinyl decals to custom draping and decor installations hanging from the tent top, and the sky’s the limit! You’re welcome to involve multiple vendors in your tent lighting and decor, but if you’re looking for something we don’t carry in our inventory or a service we do not typically provide, we’re also happy to manage that process on your behalf, and help secure the extra services and items that you need!

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